Privacy Statement

Privacy Matters

GroupSource understands that privacy is important and the following confirms how we collect, use and protect personal information of our clients and their employees..

Personal Information is information that can be used to explicitly identify an individual. When an employee applies for coverage, has a change in family status, job classification or earnings, personal information about that employee, their spouse and/or dependents may be collected. The type of personal information that is collected varies according to the benefits provided and may include:

  • Full name and address
  • Birth-date and gender
  • Date of hire and earnings
  • Beneficiaries and marital status
  • Dependent's birth-date and relationship

This information is used to:

  • verify eligibility for the group benefit program through the employer
  • process claims accurately and efficiently
  • provide accurate billing statements
  • satisfy the conditions for additional or optional coverage
  • perform insurance related functions

Sometimes it is necessary to collect personal health information, such as medical reports or clinical notes, to underwrite insurance coverage or so that complex claims may be adjudicated precisely and promptly. We do not share medical information without express consent. The medical information not collected directly from the employee may only be released directly through their physician.

GroupSource recognizes the sensitive nature of personal information and has taken the necessary measures to protect its confidentiality and proper use. Only authorized personnel have access to your information. We do not collect, use or disclose personal information without consent, except where authorized by law. For example, when we receive a telephone inquiry, the information provided varies based on the caller's relationship to the employee, (e.g., plan administrator, a dependent, a service provider). After the caller has been screened for appropriate identification, only information pertaining to the status of the specific application, benefit or claim is shared. Personal information is not used for any purpose other than that for which it is collected. Any and all statistical reports issued for plan administration purposes do not include any personal information.

Employees have the right to access their personal information. For information about access to this personal information, write directly to the Privacy Officer, GroupSource, #200, 5970 Centre Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2H 0C1.

GroupSource is committed to protecting the confidentiality, accuracy and security of the personal information it collects and uses in the course of conducting business.


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